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If you’re looking for a family ran, authentic mariscos, restaurant, then Mariscos Guayabitos is the spot for you!

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15 years serving Turlock, CA 

Horacio was born in a small rancho, surrounded by the Zacatecas mountains, called Guayabitos. 

This rancho was so secluded that the only building in this rancho was Horacio’s home. At the age of 15, Horacio was able to come to the great country of the US of A. Immediately, he started to work with “El Rey de Mariscos” down in SoCal.

Here, he learned the ins and outs of running a restaurant and most importantly, he learned how to prepare mouth watering mariscos. After learning everything he could from “El Rey de Mariscos”, Horacio left SoCal for Turlock, CA at age 29.

Here, Mariscos Guayabitos was born. With the help and moral support of his family, Horacio has been able to run Mariscos Guayabitos for 15 successful years.
Horacio Muñoz

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Mariscos Guayabitos is the spot for you!